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Dally becomes depressed because of all the misfortunes so, he commits an armed robbery at a grocery store. Three greasers working together save the lives of children trapped by fire. He no longer views the two boys as siblings, but rather as a responsibility.

A sub-theme within this story is the power of three. Pony goes back home only to find Darry as mad as ever. People are either rich or poor, good or bad. When Ponyboy first meets Cherry, he thinks of her as just another Soc, wondering how a cheerleader who drives a Corvette could possibly have problems.

Three is a cardinal number that is common in American literature and folklore, and to find it as a pivotal theme in this story is not surprising. His parents are dead, Darry is forced to work two jobs to support the brothers, Soda has dropped out of school, and the greasers are looked upon as "white trash.

After Johnny kills Bob the Soc he immediately wants to run away, leave to another town and hide there from the cops. The Soc's and the Greasers both live in Tulsa.

White is also used many times throughout the novel to describe fright, "white as a ghost. Bob's, Johnny's, and Dally's. They head back to the church and discover that it is on fire. Soc's are rich they have all the money and all the cool stuff.

He was madder than I had seen him in along time. An example of a person vs. The Socs badly injure and threaten to kill Ponyboy; however, some of his gang happen upon the scene and run the Socs off.

A school group is there, apparently on some kind of outing, and little kids are trapped inside.

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Soc's fight dirty and they drink and fight amongst themselves. A sub-theme in this novel is the power of three.

The Outsiders

Family relationships are strained during the teen years, but in the Curtis family, the right to stay together as a family is a constant struggle. He could be attacked solely because of the way he is dressed; he feels like an outsider in his own town.

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Darry lectures Pony about his curfew and ends up hitting him. Hinton, published by puffin books in Using many descriptive colors, Hinton paints the greasers as outsiders. I thought about it for a minute — Darry and Sodapop were my brothers and I loved both of them.

Debate raged over whether The Outsiders and the books that followed in its footsteps were too realistic for their own good. In the beginning of the book the characters values and attitudes are revealed to the reader through the point of view of Ponyboy.

They had scared him. For example, someone or something is either right or wrong; there can be no middle ground.

Ponyboy complains that Darry is a stricter disciplinarian than his father, but by the end of the book he understands Darry's role: Johnny realises the importance of justice and decides to turn himself in and he finally comes to the conclusion that his parents will never care for him, and in return stops caring for them.

Johnny hopes that if Ponyboy passes this lesson on to Dally, it might help Dally recapture some of his lost innocence, too.The Outsiders is about two weeks in the life of a year-old boy. The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his struggles with right and wrong in a society in which he believes that he is an outsider.

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Research paper about wolves in the world clyde hertzman research paper. My sisters keeper research paper vinegar essay a supposedly fun thing essay summary. The Outsiders: Essay Response Demonstrate how the major events that take place in The Outsiders affect the values and attitudes of 3 main characters.

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The novel The Outsiders by S.E Hinton is about the social outcasts; the Greasers and their rivalry against the high class Socs. The Outsiders essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Outsiders written by S. E. Hinton. Analysis of the American Reality, Possibility, and Dream found in "Nickel and Dimed" and "The Outsiders". Expository Essay The Outsiders. CHOOSE A BIG IDEA CHOOSE ONE BIG IDEA FROM THE FOLLOWING THAT WE’VE DISCUSSED DURING THE BOOK: Friendship Loyalty Belonging Stereotypes Outsiders, Johnny, Darry, and Ponyboy fight for something they believe in that brings purpose to their lives.

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